Learning2Listen is for anyone looking to develop counselling skills in order to improve communication, or who want to apply compassionate, protective listening in their everyday work.


                              Training & Development for Managers and Teams

                                             We train teams and individuals from any sector.

You could work in: health; education; social care; policing; business; creative industries.

Better listening skills lead to better outcomes, safer working and improved satisfaction for your team, your clients, your patients, your stakeholders, your customers.


You may work in the public, voluntary or business sectors; you may work with clients, or manage a team of staff or volunteers.  Why not sign up individual team members for one of our universal listening skills workshops?

                               Supervision for Child Protection Professionals

Learning2Listen supervision is provided by a supervisor who is fully experienced in child protection procedures and supervision, with front-line experience of talking to children at risk of abuse, making risk assessments and making referrals.

Developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence is a key to make the right decisions for the child, working ethically and also looking after ourselves. It supports us to make better decisions in the future and protects us from the emotional impact of listening to distressing material about abuse and neglect. Supervision is confidential, within appropriate limits, and enables you to talk openly, in a non-judgemental setting outside a line-management structure.

Our confidentiality policy will be clarified before we agree to meet.

                                 Learn to Listen: Learn to Protect!

                                                               OUR TRAINING STYLE:

We enjoy delivering our training courses and we want you to enjoy them too. All our workshops are practical, relevant, down-to-earth and are facilitated by two trainers, so that everybody receives supportive feedback and opportunities to improve their skills on the day.


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