Basic Counselling Skills for all:

This one day workshop is designed for professionals who regularly face emotionally sensitive conversations in the course of their everyday work.

  • Active listening skills: reflection; summarising, empathy & silence
  • Use of open questions
  • Application of counselling skills to your field and role
  • Opportunities to practice and receive feedback on all skills in a safe learning environment
  • Goals setting and action planning using our “SORTED” model

                                     Counselling Skills for Social Workers and Social Care Staff:

Expanding on our basic package, this workshop is specifically tailored to the professional development needs of social workers at all levels and in all fields, using a range of current case studies.

           Learn to Listen, Learn to Protect - Listening Skills for Safeguarding and Protection:

For any professionals who work with vulnerable adults, children and young people. Your Adult/Child Protection Training is mandatory; we think this skills workshop should be too!

  • Creating a safe environment for listening
  • Active listening skills: reflection; summarising, empathy & silence
  • How to listen protectively
  • Explore common barriers to listening and how these apply to your role/workplace
  • Using open questions safely and appropriately

                     LGBTQ+ Awareness Training for professionals working with young people:

  • Awareness of the issues facing young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ+) people
  • Understanding terminology and challenge myths
  • Exploring the nature of homo/bi/transphobia and heterosexism and its effects on the mental and emotional well-being of young people
  • How to challenge discrimination and provide a positive environment for young LGBTQ+ people
  • Developing personal/organisational action plans to better include and empower LGBTQ+ people (including families who identify as LGBTQ+)

                                 Working with Young People who Self- Harm:

  • Defining and demystifying self-harm
  • Exploring who hurts themselves and why they do it
  • Practical skills - listening to children and young people who self-harm
  • What to do if someone discloses self-harm

           Mental Health Awareness Training for professionals working with young people:

  • Defining common mental health issues,
  •              Exploring factors which can increase severity.
  •              Looking at  self-harm and suicidal ideation
  •              Looking at options, ethics and practical ways to support young people.

                              Suicide Awareness and Prevention with young people: 

  •          Exploring the reasons for suicide.
  •          Looking at risk factors around for young people.
  •         How to listen for suicide risk and how to respond.
  •         Outlining the options available.
  •         Clarifying and strengthening you safeguarding procedures.





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